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a perfect GPS jammer

GPS device is a good partner for our car, when you have a car, you really need a GPS device.  However, when the GPS device bring us convenience, it also bring danger to us by exposing our locations.  Many hollywood movies can prove it, bad buys can easily track down one person's location by a small GPS device in that kind of movies.  Our question is, what can we do to take good use of GPS device without any danger?  Than answer may go to a kind of device named GPS jammer, which can block GPS signal in a certain area.  All GPS devices in that area can not receive the GPS signal, can not work properly.   There are many GPS jammers, some are portable ones, some are professional devices, some can block the GPS signal in a small distance while some could block it in a bigger area.   Now we will introduce you a good GPS jammer, the High Power 40 Meters Working Range GPS, WiFi and Cell Phone Jammer, model S805044.  For absolutely jamming cell phone signal, GPS, and 2.4G WIFI Signal, there is no stronger or more efficient solution than High Power 40 Meters Working Range GPS, WiFi, VHF, UHF and cell phone jammer . This high quality device provides you with 15Watt output power and 6 powerful high gain antennas to completely block mobile phone signals, GPS and WIFI signal.


High power 6 Antennas Jammer
40 meters working range
15 Watt output power blocks even the strongest signals
Jam all of cell phone signals, GPS and WIFI signal.


Technical Specification
Affected Frequency Ranges:
-CDMA 851-894MHz 35dBm 8dBm/30KHz (min)
-GSM 925-960MHz 35dBm 5dBm/30KHz (min)
-DCS / PCS 1805-1990MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
-3G 2110-2170MHz 33dBm 2dBm/30KHz (min)
-WIFI 2.4G 2400-2500MHz
-GPS 1570-1580MHz

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Feb.19, 2014